Blind white girl suck giant 14inch cock for lunch in ghetto

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Published by 4 years ago

she a slut

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osukaa2 1 month ago
Gotta film in ma head now
phatdvs 2 months ago
I really love it
justanotherweirdguy 9 months ago
Blind? No. 14 inches? No. At the very least get some sheets on the bed.
kunkir91 1 year ago
Cha cha! Ya
yakitty 1 year ago
Hooooooorrrrrneeeeeeeyyyy honeyyyyy
hadt802015 1 year ago
she's not blind,she never had was a bbc. her painful faces say it all.
HungHornyNEPA 2 years ago shit.... :-)
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HungHornyNEPA 2 years ago
What reason could a blind person have for a cell phone? I didn't get that either and trust me, I know a lot of black guys and a lot of them don't have 14" cocks either...some are smaller than mine and I'm 8 for chrissakes! :-/
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Knottty 2 years ago
I think it's very sad how some of you commented about this lady. They treat her well, she treats them well, what else do you need to know about them? You make me sick, please grow up.
wbjman 3 years ago
Love the chick! She's a nice PAWG
alandavid1 3 years ago
thekind 4 years ago
Blind... With A cell phone???? :-/
deepchocolate411 4 years ago
new teeth? lets fuck!
climaxwell 4 years ago
She made us blind
deadlyaura 4 years ago
I don't think she's blind.
winston210 4 years ago
thegreatfuck 4 years ago
Thank you