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The Hottest Trib Ever

Published by 3 years ago

TM and KL with the famous chair trib.

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must1ask 1 month ago
and here is a FULL version of a truly hot trib session.
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must1ask 1 month ago
sir that is a condensed version of a 30 minute video.
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Fetishdemon 1 month ago
That video you linked is not a hot trib either, it's a minimal trib.A hot tri. need to have a bit more than a half assed 1 min. trib
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must1ask 5 months ago
Not sure what your qualifications for a "hot trib" are, but that was just "meh"...THIS is a HOT trib
mrsfister 11 months ago
I used to have this whole movie on VHS. I can't tell you how many times I've jacked off to this scene.
creative13 11 months ago
14:10 the first recorded clamshell tribbing?
bluetay27 11 months ago
sweet pussy eating those tits
sappogirl 1 year ago
wildnewan 1 year ago
Amazing scene
striderr 1 year ago
Kr H to be precise.
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Williestrode 1 year ago
Yes it is
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Krone123 1 year ago
Just-Cicero 2 years ago
That is the best trib Ill probably Ever see. Dam
ashley_boudior 2 years ago
Such a beautiful tribbing.
m49nyc 2 years ago
wendy37 2 years ago
agreed, the brunette's lips are to die for
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m49nyc 2 years ago
LOL good one!
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m49nyc 2 years ago
natiloyco 2 years ago
The blonde one looks like a female version of Dave Mustaine (Megadeth's vocalist and guitarist) haha
luv2godownonyou 2 years ago
Certainly very tasty especially the rimming and the tribbing. Some toe sucking while tribbing would have made it even hotter.
margomargot 3 years ago
OMG! Beautiful!
Dawnmaria37 3 years ago
Orgasm inducing video for sure. Thank you for sharing
ahsoisee 3 years ago
I love you for noticing that too :)
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sheerdressed 3 years ago
Oh Ladies!! Lovely!!
Bo-Bo 3 years ago
Worship that gorgeous ass!
jimmysixo 3 years ago
orian999 3 years ago
Great sexy act
ShuaiGe 3 years ago
reneetv 3 years ago
My bad. I don't know where I got KL from.
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thedude1980 3 years ago
Fantastic scene. Thanks!
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