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Failed Teacher, Successful Slut SEE THIS SCENE and many others in full resolution
Published by 3 years ago

The County Board of Education deemed her unfit to be with students... but we more than approve of her taking multiple cocks on our famous sofa. Download the uncut HD version at

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friartuck747475 20 days ago
A swinger pal of mine was in that scene he said"She fucked for 2 hours ++ for what its worth ..that a cranked up turned on puss hole !!!!
plateworker 1 month ago
What a fucking pig this one is. All her students would be running a train on her
orgyorgyorgy 1 month ago
She is one horny, hot fuck slut! More of her, soo sexy.
Ilovemywifey 1 month ago
Pussy farts!
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Ilovemywifey 1 month ago
Yuck run away to Spain!
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pornwatcher1970 1 month ago
Herpes all over her butt too !
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bbwlover34 2 months ago
she can teach me anytime xxx
JFerry 3 months ago
my exact perfect gangbang slut. would LOVE to get in that messy pussy with the guys. name? would love to get in her cunt with the guys
Wolfen75 3 months ago
she farts lol
Ilovemywifey 4 months ago
She looks ill and diseased from drug use.
redrocket2211 7 months ago
rubbing cum in is very hot, my favorite!
richyrich03867 8 months ago
Failed teacher or moonlighting stripper? I don’t really care, it was a good video.
homodigitalis_045 8 months ago
I wonder if she knows that vaginal winds could be a sign of some sort of vaginal (bacterial) infection. Maybe caused from anal sex.
faurent 9 months ago
luvs2phucku 10 months ago
A filthy slut that fucks like a whore.
cumzinpussy 10 months ago
That fucking radiator hose made sure to push all of the air out of that cavernous pussy chamber
friartuck747475 11 months ago
Commenterpj50702 below is correct she's a Grinnell Iowa slut,or was she may have moved by now,in fact the whole town of Grinell and the college is full of horny college sluts
renault651 1 year ago
Shes never going to feel a white cock again the big black cock ruined her
hornywife78 1 year ago
She needs cock up her ass too
NYNESRM 1 year ago
name please
Texascouple25 1 year ago
She is such a nasty whore. Love it.
Justal 1 year ago
Love Nasty Sluts like her!
Curvykinkymama 1 year ago
i would love to se more of her
sexncoffee 1 year ago
Sooo FUCKING NASTY HOT!! Yummy yummy yummy!! We'd love to get with her for a weekend
fistingisapleasure 1 year ago
love her big sloppy cunt, impressive mmmmmm
Mc0791 1 year ago
hot bird
tap247 1 year ago
Oh wow, she was awesome. Love her banging body. I love the Fucking also just amazing. All wet and just great stuffing. She took all that pounding. Gosh that is what I like just fuck and go and go enjoy the sex. It so raw not all pretty. Very well done.
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sericcc 1 year ago
Amazing body
sexncoffee 1 year ago
Filthy slut!! Love it!!
Edtungsten5858 1 year ago
The swingers house party champ!
Thank you