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dick wax

Publié par il y a 3 ans

Excellent waxing video originally uploaded by monello27. This is a rotated version. Would love an English translation :D

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coquincool il y a 1 mois
nice mmmmm
loopik il y a 1 mois
Had totally unbelievable wax last Saturday. Almost ejaculated, My waxer enjoyed it too( she actually told me she was getting horny) LOVE her waxes, can't wait to see her again.
jppy il y a 1 mois
like waxing treatment
exhibee il y a 2 mois
very hot, enjoyed every single frame, in full screen mode.
bicambguy il y a 2 mois
I love these waxing videos!
osukaa2 il y a 3 mois
Never stop playin that way oh!
taninaresh il y a 3 mois
fuk...amazing effort bro......made me hard just reading them...cause i hoping something will come up with .... "can i make u cum" ? :P
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daniellouigi il y a 3 mois
thanks for the effort man
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naughtygirl6 il y a 4 mois
my not brother loves for me to wax his cock n balls he cum every time
bigdipper25 il y a 4 mois
shes an artist
jeanlucienne il y a 4 mois
hext0r il y a 7 mois
Excellent work buddy… very informative
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boolbull il y a 7 mois
thuggathugga1 il y a 7 mois
I'll do my best at translating: 1:30-1:45 "I don't see too much more to do...have a look yourself to see" Guy: "Yeah, it looks good". 3:17-3:20 Lady "See when I do a second pass through (hard to understand the rest) 3:24-3:32 Lady: "I'd leave it as is..." Guy: "Yes, but...." Lady: "Clean is clean (lifts up hand)" Guy: "OK" Lady: "Sigh..." 3:42-3:47 Lady squirts the lotion and says "with the heat temperature" commenting on the heat in the room made the cream feel cold. 3:57-3:59 Lady commenting she can't find something???? 4:15-4:34 Answers phone "Hello? Yes, look, give him two minutes so he can get dressed, ok, within 5 minutes that way he can get dressed calmly. OK, later, bye" I think it may have been a co-worker in another room calling her asking her status? 4:44 Can't understand what she's saying, rummaging around looking for something. 5:39-5:58 Lady floating an idea: "Ok, how about this, if by chance you are able to swing by tomorrow....since your so irritated (referring to his skin I believe)....I should be able to get rid of these last 4 hairs (that apparently she is having trouble removing)....unintelligible..." Guy: "Yeah, yeah". My interpretation is that she is kind of looking for an excuse to see him again. 6:07-6:08 Lady "I think I lost them" she is looking for the hairs to pluck. 6:44 Lady squirts cream on "Here you go!" 6:58-7:02 Lady smiles "Everything OK?" Guy: "Yup, everything's fine, thanks, I think it went well" In reply to this lady says "Thank you" at 7:06 while stroking his cock at the same time. 7:12-7:18 Guy says, "I'll return then if it's no trouble to you" Lady, "No, no trouble at all..." 7:37 unintelligible 7:39-7:45 Lady "...only because I've already taken some appointments..." Guy "Oh, no worries" Lady "OK" she finishes. I think they ended because she has some more appointments lined up right after him and couldn't continue? Any native Italian speakers want to chime in?
taninaresh il y a 7 mois
how on earth did u not cum ???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cummmmmmmm on
STRONGMINOTAUR il y a 7 mois
the best wax videos here
STRONGMINOTAUR il y a 7 mois
Very hot, it seems she wanted to wank you
Metal8 il y a 7 mois
rodrigid il y a 9 mois
Great wax. She looked great in that top and was so tender with her touch.
smallpenis il y a 10 mois
glad2b1999 il y a 10 mois
guarantee she jerked that cock when the cam was off
bigtrip2 il y a 11 mois
bellissimo video
pokarpepe il y a 1 an
more waxing whereeeeeee??? more happy endingsss
gvlad23 il y a 1 an
no happy ending? call the cops that is a crime
she is cruel :(
but still a very good vid congrats :)
WillCares il y a 1 an
love her in that top
osaka-one il y a 1 an
rubenyo il y a 1 an
que hija puta. no se la termina. debe salir del local encorvado.
sexxyqueen il y a 1 an
te gusta depiladito bebe, me jor para el sexo oral
geintjuh il y a 1 an
Wowww hot
young_fat_bear il y a 1 an
Oh, so hot!
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